Advertising Terms
Ads for hookups, Agencies and Agency girls are absolutely FREE.
All ads with websites must place an hookup-Locator Banner onto their sites.

Special Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is also available on a first come basis. All bannners are run of site banners and will appear at the top or bottom of all pages that are displayed.

Banners must be no larger than 468 x 60 and will be served up utilizing OUR bandwidth not yours! Banners are to be supplied in the correct size in either JPG or GIF format.

Banner advertising rates are $30.00 US per month with a minimum 3 month purchase. We guarantee an absolute minimum of 10,000 banner impressions per month - that's less than 1/3 cent per ad impression!

We also offer permanent premium banners that will appear at the top of every page (main page and every search and result page). These banners are 120 x 60 at a cost of $125.00 US per month.

Advertising Options
Cost USD $

468 x 60 rotating

3 month $90.00
468 x 60 rotating 6 month $162.00
468 x 60 rotating 12 month $288.00
120 x 60 permanent 3 month $375.00
120 x 60 permanent 6 month $675.00
120 x 60 permanent 12 month $1,200.00

Rotating banner clients will have full online access to stats at all times.

Advertising information:

contact us at [email protected]