How to find the best hookup apps and get laid easily

Discover the best ways to get laid on top hookup apps and free platforms for sex. Find casual lovers safely and meet sex-positive singles in your preferred location.

Different kinds of hookups nowadays are able to take our breath away. The variety and big choices are allowing us to express ourselves and really enjoy our sexual life

Sexy Asan Women To Get Laid
Horny Asian Woman

But caution and efficient strategies always matter, still. If you learn more on that matter and choose only the best hookup apps, you’ll catch more fish as they say. 

Top casual sex apps for singles 

The best way to determine the quality of the app is by taking a look at what other people say. Along with that, mass popularity isn’t always true popularity, it’s just a crowd instinct.

That’s why hookup experts take into account many factors before they assume the platform is worthy of anyone’s attention. Positive responses and success stories are the main factors though


Although OkCupid isn’t the most trendy and modern app, it remains very well-known and frequently used by singles worldwide. It is the category that demands extra upgrading

It is mostly famous among westerners who are seeking an Eastern European, Asian, or Latin American partner. But OkCupid is used locally as well. Its audience is typically 35+. 

OkCupid Hookup Site
Hookup On OkCupid App
  • US members – 10+ mln. 
  • UK members – 8 mln. 
  • Canada members – 7 mln. 

For decades of worldwide popularity, it started to lose the level of safety it had in the beginning, so at least thirty percent of users may happen to be fraudulent. 

But good sides prevail, and millions of members keep on using OkCupid with quite good results, so it remains in the list of recommended apps of most hookup experts


How can we not mention Tinder? There’s no one among you who wouldn’t know about it. Yes, it can be used for free with the possibility of upgrading. But it has many haters as well. 

How is it supposed for each and everyone to be such an expert in people’s appearance and psyche, to define it from one super quick glance whether the person is attractive? 

Even a well-done shemale can attract one’s attention and be considered sexy, but he will pass over real women who could satisfy him in a bed enormously. So it’s such an illusionary choice.

Also, many are unhappy about this principle to judge people by their appearance. It’s completely ok if one wants a casual meeting, but it’s not ok if one wants a serious partner

Online Hookup On Tinder
Tinder Dating Source

This principle is unacceptable for teenagers who are getting greatly sexualized by this kind of attitude, and unacceptable by elderly singles because they’re too old-fashioned to absorb it. 


Since the majority of users are 20+ people who just want sex, Tinder suits these needs like none another app, plus it’s free. So, its popularity does not seem to ever fade away


This rising star of international hookup platforms is surely unique. It doesn’t have the disadvantages of previously listed apps. It stands out and can be called trendy and stylish.

It could be compared to Tinder Select though since it mostly gathers successful men in its database, and its extra services are highly paid. But it provides a free trial period as well.

Many people claim the length of the trial period was enough for them to set up a date. Of course, one meeting doesn’t guarantee the affair for life, but it’s already a good start. 

Hookup Chat On Lavalife
Lavalife Dating Chat

Reportedly, the quality of girls on Lavalife is high. Most of them look like models, and it’s without the assistance of local hookup agencies or third sides. They just like the quality as well. 

  • Male – 55%
  • Female – 36%
  • Non-binary – 9%

The app attracts women who don’t want to waste their time on jobless men not able to even visit them. It also attracts female users who like very modern and innovative sites

As a result, the app’s popularity is growing very fast and it’s already called one of the best. It is very pleasant to use, very effective, and promises to keep on developing further. 

Best free hookup apps 

International and local hookups online became a part of hundreds people’s life, and it’s natural they want it to be free. Flirting and getting naughty are supposed to be free just like breathing. 

The majority of hookup apps and sites can be called free only partially, since for their owners and managers it’s a full day work with all the technical part included. So here’s how it looks.

First of all, many platforms suggest a free trial for 3, 7, or 30 days. It’s usually enough to understand whether this source is suitable for you and whether you want to continue. 

  1. BookOfMatches
  2. Uberhorny
  3. Spdate
  4. ChatRandom
  5. Cheekylovers 

In modern times when everything is bought for money and everything is costly, a free trial period is quite a generous offer. So hookup experts include them into the list of free apps

Other platforms charge very cheaply for one-month subscription, around five dollars only, so it’s really fair to include them to such lists as well. Especially if they provide very good services. 

Finally, there are hookup apps that are completely free indeed. One can do basic things without paying, such as sending a limited number of messages and liking a limited number of members

But for enjoying all options of the app to the fullest, one has to upgrade and/or pay extra. Still, it remains a one hundred percent free hookup app since people use it for years without paying

Now you know what it means a free hookup platform, so you can decide which category is preferable for you, and chose the app which is the very best exactly for you among the others. 

Top reasons to hook up free

It would be incorrect to choose free hookup apps only because of greediness or temporary financial difficulties. For sure, chemistry should come at no cost, and that is understandable.

Even if your plans don’t go far, all previous steps involve spending the money too. Taking a girl to a bar or restaurant, coming to her country or bringing her to yours, all this is costly. 

For sure, men who use free hookup apps, usually want to find a female casual partner who’d share the bill or even, sometimes, pay the full amount. There are even special sites for gigolos

But we’ll look into more classical examples such as searching for a well-provided and independent girl. Is it possible to find her on a free hookup app? Yes, but there are nuances. 

  • Rich fathers’ daughters usually want an equal partner, meaning the finances. 
  • Girls with a certain income usually dream a man will help them to open a business. 
  • Women of some nationalities are ok to share a bill but also a new house cost. 
  • Finally, a girl with income can be a gold digger too, since it’s never enough for her. 

But in general, women on free hookup apps are just simple girls who hope to find someone quickly and who aren’t very demanding. They either want to go out for a beer or to relocate to a man. 

It’s impossible to generalize all cases, and there’s always someone who has a goal similar to yours, so keep hoping. However, it helps to stabilize your own income as well before joining

Instabang, Tinder Select, Luxy, and other elite hookup apps accept only members who’ve got some social position, but the result of search there is different and purely positive. 

Best safe hookup apps 

Nobody wants to get scammed, and it’s a fact. But are there really ways to avoid that? Hookup experts think it’s completely possible if one uses experienced daters’ advice

How do we choose the hookup app that we’d like to use? Firstly, we listen to someone’s advice, but it can appear to be an advertisement. So it makes sense to check the reviews as well. 

Now, positive reviews are often paid, while negative reviews come from competitors. So it’s better to read as many reviews as possible and make sure they match each other. 

Online Hookup Tutorial For Dating Safe
Safe Dating Tutorial

Of course, the best way to try the app is its trial period. But not all hookup platforms let you stop using them before charging you. Sometimes it’s impossible to even contact a support team. 

But, if all these stages are positive and you like both the reviews and your trial on the app, try to go on and move to the next stage. It’s intensive corresponding with the girls


The app ONF makes it hard to believe that such heavenly places can be for free. Girls there look like celebs and one can clearly see it’s not only thanks to Photoshop but also thanks to nature. 

One Night Hookup Stand
One Night Standing

There are high-class beauties of any age and you can start video-chatting with them immediately after signing up for free. For speeding up the process, you can even register via FB. 

Voila! You can contact any of those hotties safely now, and as many of them as you want. Watch their video clips first if you prefer, that’s also for free and proves they are real.


Flingster is also too famous to ignore it. If you have heard of it, but got some doubts, leave your fears behind. That’s a good one! Both contacting the girls and reading their letters are free. 

You are not limited by only 3 or 5 photos, like on other hookup sites. You can add as many photos as you like so girls learn more about you. 

Chat With Asian Women
Free Asian Chat

Like on dating sites, the app sends you notifications about the girls’ Birthdays, which is very convenient and helps to pick up. The difference is that Flingster is safer and more efficient.

It enriches you with the most pleasant and promising acquaintances that easily turn to real meetings.

How to message a girl on hookup apps 

It’s not easy for a beginner, or even for a skilled online dater to detect a sincere girl among all the others. So what matters first, is the overall quality and sincerity of the girls on this app

The very first thing to do is analyzing the introductory messages you are receiving. It’s already known what you should consider a red flag in this regard. 

Hookup Online Dating
Message Girls On Hookup Sources
  • Messages shouldn’t arrive too soon, and too many of them immediately after your registration. Real girls would not be able to see your profile so quickly. 
  • Messages shouldn’t be very typical and impersonal, like, hello I need a nice man like you. If they are, it can mean they are sent by bots to big masses of men. 
  • First messages shouldn’t be naughty. Doesn’t matter how much it flatters you that a stunning model already wants you desperately, it’s usually just a commercial trick. 
  • The facts or personal info she mentions in her message, differ from the ones indicated in her profile. It can be the place of living, age, marital status, or whatever. 
  • A woman shouldn’t quickly switch to complaints about her current financial difficulties. You’re still a stranger to her, so it’s just not natural. 

What conclusion can we make out of this list of red flags? There are scammers that occupy decent platforms, and scammers who actually cooperate with the dating platform. 

For sure, the second type is more dangerous for your wallet and your nerves since not only one person will be trying to take advantage of you but many. You should avoid such apps

If you see a combination of negative reviews and suspicious messages, as well as profiles, better make your conclusions quickly and stop using the application.